A sports game where you control a living square... or at least we think so.  Customize your character to be an angel, a cat, or even nothing.  Earn cheese, something you can use to buy these customizations, or just to brag that you have more cheese than your friends.

But seriously though. Who would brag about cheese.

Battle your friends or co-operate with them to beat up another co-operation of friends.  Dribble them, spike them, block them, or just... try to win.

If you have no friends, or at least none at your "humble abode", then you can play against AI.  With 4 different bot levels, you will probably eventually lose.

I might keep updating this game, if I really feel like it I guess. If you have any skin ideas you want in game, or a gamemode idea (be descriptive enough so we get a general idea), let me know!  It might just be added.

Please, no NSFW ideas.


Use the mouse to click the buttons.


ShapeBall.exe 2 MB

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