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Shield Master is trying to take the sword.  A special sword.  It, like, destroys worlds and stuff.  So play along as he tries to take all the power for himself.

This game is not supposed to be amazing, hard or unique.  It's just a game, with no save data, that you can play if you're bored and have nothing else to do.  You can pick any level at any time, and use the buttons in controls to make it easier or harder



  • Jump: "w"
  • Left: "a"
  • Right: "d"
  • Bounce: "s" (only in midair)
  • Shield: shift
  • Hit: space
  • Enter: enter (on home screens only)
  • Skip: backspace


  • Jump: "a"
  • Move: left joystick
  • Bounce: "b" (only in midair)
  • Shield: right bumper
  • Hit: "x"
  • Enter: "a" (on home screens only)
  • Skip: start


  • Keyboard: Sets to keyboard controls
  • Controller: Sets to controller controls
  • Fullscreen: Sets game to fullscreen
  • Windowed: Sets game to windowed
  • Plus: Increases your max health
  • Minus: Decreases your max health
  • Checkpoint: Turns checkpoint on or off

As I said before, this game isn't made to be perfect, just enjoyable.


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